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About Us

Meet Erin, owner and founder of Wren + Raine. She grew up in southern New Hampshire and spent 20 years living in the green mountains of Vermont, until recently when she moved back to her hometown of Hancock, NH. Erin is first and foremost an advocate for our natural world. She has held great passion for art, design, and growing things her whole life. One day she decided to bring all of these passions together and share her love of painting the birds, floral design and native plant landscape design. 

Maintaining sustainable practices is her highest priority, which includes providing beautiful local flowers without the use of pesticides or harmful chemicals that are grown right in her own backyard. She practices foam free flower arranging and all unused organic material is composted. 

Erin has a great love of eco-friendly travel involving nature/birdwatching and backpacking. All the birds she paints are muses encountered during her travels. Each hold a unique memory and serve to remind us all how vulnerable their world has become.


Our mission is dedicated to habitat remediation within our local ecosystems by re-designing and re-thinking outdoor spaces and to bring floral design to our community with eco-friendly practices and unique points of view. We bring all of this to our community with inclusivity to all gender identifications, sexual orientations, races, ages, abilities, religions, cultures, body types and income levels. 


Our vision is to redefine the definition of successful landscapes and reverse the damages of habitat loss within our natural world by prioritizing native plants to each region of the Northeast.

We also seek to redefine the definition of normal practices in the florist industry by using only recyclable or compostable material and keeping our carbon footprint minimal by using locally grown seasonal flowers. 

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