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Native Plant Landscape Design

Hello and welcome! Many of you may be wondering what exactly is "native" landscape design. If so, you are certainly not alone! Our world is made up of many unique and amazing ecosystems, each of which is a tightly connected and interwoven system that creates and supports life. Each ecosystem was made to function with very specific microorganisms, plants, animals and weather. Or in other words, all things native to that geographical area, and plants play an extremely important role as hosts to so many things! There are many ways to threaten these important ecosystems, including the loss/destruction of habitat needed to physically host an ecosystem, or by removing/replacing too many non-native species that successfully compete over native species. 

Our vision is to create beautiful spaces one yard at a time that provide important ecological function by planting things that were always meant to be there (native) and help reverse devastating habitat loss.

At Wren + Raine, we believe aesthetics and ecological function do not need to be exclusive of one another. We seek to initiate a chain reaction of excitement and enlightenment to anybody with an outdoor space amenable to re-design. We hope to create a pathway for that spark to spread and inspire others to follow in their theoretical or literal neighbor's footsteps. Just think of the difference you could make by converting your yard into a native habitat. 

Monarch butterfly in a milkweed field _

Currently we are accepting new clients, but in very limited numbers. If you are interested in finding out more, or to join a waitlist, please contact us. Thank you for your interest in protecting our natural world while creating beauty right around you!

Here are some fun additional links about native plants and resources:

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Penn State Extension

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Native Plant Reading Recommendations

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