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Welcome to Wren + Raine. This is a place where the love of art, flowers, design, sustainability and nature come to play. Our story begins with Erin (she/her), owner and founder of Wren + Raine, who wanted to find a way to unite her scattered interests of landscape & floral design, painting, bird watching and advocating for our natural world. So she started her very own small business to shelter all her passions under one roof. Erin provides thoughtful, aesthetically pleasing landscape designs that are also ecologically productive through the use of native plants. She takes great pride in sourcing locally and sustainably grown flowers for her unique, elegant and colorful floral designs. Erin also enjoys painting the birds she has come across to showcase her fascination with these feathery friends, all of which comes together under the common thread of her love of nature and a deep desire to protect our natural world.


Here at Wren + Raine all are welcome just as you are and we look forward to being a part of your journey. 

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